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Luhit – Blog Archive : Honda City – Didn’t bother for a test drive

I did flirt with the idea of buying City for two reasons 1. It is a Honda Car 2. The great milage everyone talks of. As I looked at the specs, it just had 77 bhp. On a highway I would have struggled more then I did with my current Santro. There is nothing much to say about the City?s looks.

About a year back, the Honda City did not have much appeal for me. Agreed, this car gave a great millage, but what about the pleasure of driving ( whatever it means on a Bangalore street 🙂 ).I think Honda India has received a lot of feedback from people like me. Some six months back they launched a new variant of the City – the Honda city ZX. It has a VTEC engine that pumps 100 bhp. The extra 23 bhp gives the car the much needed pep feel. Honda still continues to sell the frugal 77 bhp variant.Now, why did Honda launch the ZX. Well, last six months has seen some high profile launches in this segment. First, Ford launched the Fiesta, then Chevrolet launched the Aveo. Both of these cars competes with Honda City. Even, Hyundai is about to launch a new car in this category.Since its launch, the Honda City has been a best seller in it’s segment. But, now it remains to be seen of the City can protect it’s turf with competition from Ford, Chevrolet and Hyundai hot on it’s trail.

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