Apple Remote with VLC Player – Part 1 (Remote Buddy)

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VLC Player is a free cross-platform media player. It can play almost any video or audio thrown at it (check this). It can play media that Apple Quick Time or Front Row cannot play. For example, if you get a video with AC3 sound, Quick Time cannot render the audio for this, but VLC Player can. The biggest pain in watching a video with VLC player is that the Apple Remote does not work with it. You need to remain glued to your key board or mouse just to pause the movie when your phone rings.There is help at hand in form of an application called RemoteBuddy. With this application running on my Mac, I can now seat peacefully on the couch and watch movies on the VLC player, just like I would do with FrontRow.

This tool can do much more than remote control VLC player using the Apple remote. It also supports other applications like KeyNote, Real Player etc. Using Remote Buddy you can control 10+ applications using the Apple Remote.When you run RemoteBuddy it can autodetect if any supported application is running. Suppose VLC player is running, it will switch to VLC Player profile and now you will be able to control the VLC Player using the Apple remote. When Remote Buddy is running you can control it from the icon on the menu bar.


With RemoteBuddy, you can do much more with the Apple Remote on you Macs.

Screenshots of Remote Buddy (click to expand thumbnails)

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  3. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

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  5. download link isnt working.

  6. remote buddy leaves lots of “hidden” files on your system.

    depending exactly which version you install:

    ~/Library/Preferences/.(your mac address).plist
    ~/”.DS_Store *”
    ~/Documents/”.DS_Store *”
    ~/Library/Caches/TextMate/”.DS_Store *”
    ~/Library/ColorSync/”.DS_Store *” (YES REALLY!!!)

    too nasty for me.

  7. @ Marvin:

    All the files you list are created by part of OS X, system frameworks and the Finder. They have nothing to do with Remote Buddy at all.

  8. what I was looking for, thanks

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