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In my earlier post ,Tasteless Ads on Neo Sports Can Send Wrong Message, I had pointed out the these ads does not show India in a good light.

According to this news report [external link] in Hindustan Times, some people have approached the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) with complaints against Neo Sports India regarding these ads. The report seems to indicate that the concern in the complaints related to racism.

I do not think the intent of the ads is racism. However, the way these ads are projecting foreign visitors being treated in such shabby and disrespectful manner could dent India’s image, irrespective of whether you consider racisim or not.

Meanwhile, West Indian cricket series is over. And now the Sri Lankan team is in India to play a 4 match ODI series against India. Predictibly, Neo Sports India has extended the “Tough to be …” ads now on the visiting Sri Lankan side. So as an Indian and a cricket fan can I assume, Neo Sports will continue such ads against any cricket team that comes to visit India.

I think irrespective of what the ASCI says on the matter related to the “Tough to be …” ads, Neo Sports can show some maturity and pull off those ads.


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  1. I was most offended by a clip which shows how Indians take away every source of drinking wanter from a west indian when he wanted to have it desperately. Giving drinking water to person who wants is the one of the biggest respect to Almighty as preached in Hinduism and Islam in almost equally strong manner. On top of it, this country always has a tradition of Atithi Devo Bhav!! Funny we see this punch line in Torusim Ministries advertisement and here Neo tells outsider that its difficult to be a West-Indian and Srilankan in India. Even though it maybe light-hearted but if it showed in context of a cricket match. But in terms of Indian population at large like boat-person, people at Dhaba etc it is completely against our culture.

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