Apr 08

Srirangapatna – Photo Gallery

Srirangapatna is renowned as the island capital of Tipu Sultan during late 18th century. Srirangapatna has a lot of interesting places to see like the Darya Daulat Bagh, Tipu’s Mausoleum and of-course the famous island fortress of Srirangapatna.  Srirangapatna is 140km southwest of Bangalore and 15 kms from Mysore.

The Srirangapatna Fort popularly associated with Tipu Sultan, however the fort predates Tipu Sultan by a few hundred years to the Hoysala Period

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Sep 06

Somnathpur Temple – Photo Blog

The seven hundred years old Keshava Temple at Somnathpura or Somnathpur, is a fine example of Hoysala stone temples. A very few such places exist. the craftsmanship of the stone workers, sculptors of the Hoysala period cannot be paralleled even today.

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The temple is walled inside a square courtyard of stone walls. The main temple sits at the center of this courtyard. The main temple has three perfectly aligned domes. Each of the dome houses a stature of the temple deity. The walls of the main temple is sculpted with stories curved in stone.

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When you step into the main temple, the curving on the stone is all about you – on all the side , on the ceiling ….. Iron grills now guards the three priceless statues inside the three domes of the temple.

The inner side of the courtyard complex also houses many smaller temples. Unfortunately, in most of the smaller temples the statues have been removed. Wherever statues are still present, are now guarded with grill put up by ASI.

A slow walk around the temple courtyard would take us to another age. The age when this was a real temple, not an archaeological relic. It will make you imagine what this place would have been like in hundreds of years back. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) who maintains this site has done a splendid job. The complex in spite of its ages still looks in fine shape, the complex is neat a clean, the lawns outside the complex lush and green.

How to Get There ?

This temple is located to the south west of Bangalore, India. From Bangalore we can reach this place via Mysore Road or via Kanakapura Road. The Mysore Road would be the most recommended route to take, right now Kanakapura Road is in pathetic shape. Photo Gallery of the Somnathpura Temple (photos taken on Aug 20th 2006)

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