Sep 06

On Writing Resumes

Came across this article at digg. Read more at Lifeclever.com and the discussion at digg.com : The 7 deadly sins of resumé design. Adding my 2 cents on this.
What you need to be conscious in a resume design are:

1. A resume should not be longer than 2 pages
2. Summary of your work experience MUST be available at the first few paras in your resume
3. Leave out personal details
4. Highlight your strong points or great work using bold letters.
5. Describe your role in the work/project, not what the project was all about.

Last but not the least – be honest in your resume

Generally when a resume reaches a hiring manager, he/she has very little time to scan to complete resume. So, it is very important to be brief and to the point.

A common mistake I have observed in resumes is that they are too long. In most cases a hiring manger would spend only a few seconds on your resume. So getting his/her attention in the first few seconds is very important.

A good resume is only good enough to get you to an interview.

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