Firefox Mac OSX Theme

Firefox Mac Theme
Firefox Mac Theme,originally uploaded by manaskb.

Mac OSX users can make Firefox look like Safari using the GrApple theme that can be found here :

Safari is a pretty good browser, still there are some people like me who would like to use Firefox ( Safari users who would like to move to Firefox would be at home after installing this theme.

How to Install :

Go to site :

find the Mac OSX theme you like. Just click on the “Install Now” button for the theme you have selected.

Other option : From Firefox ->Tools->Themes-> Get New themes; This opens a new browser window for the site. On the search box, search for GrApple. You will get the Mac OSX themes for Firefox.

Note : These themes only work on Mac OSX. If you are on Windows, just get a Mac šŸ™‚

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  1. In this post I mentioned that I prefer to use Firefox, in place of a very competent web browser like Safari. The most important reason is the extensions you will get for firefox.

    Three of the must have extensions are : 1. Ad block 2. Flash Got and 3. FasterFox. Read my review of Flash got at :

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