Sep 06

Universal AC3 codec for QuickTime

Finally we have a working AC3 codec that works on the Intel Macs. Get it from A52Codec 1.7.2 – VersionTracker. This one really works 🙂

Usually you will find AC3 audio on those common DivX movies, DVDs etc. Until now ac3 audio would not play on the Intel Macs- both on Front Row or Quick Time. Sometime back, somewhere on the web, I came across another universal ac3 code for QT, but this one just kept crashing the QA player or Front Row.

With this new A52Codec v 1.7.2 universal binary available at Version Tracker, ac3 audio playes great on QT or Front row. The code appears pretty stable and the audio clear.

The download comes in a dmg format. After clicking on the DMG from the Finder, it’s almost drag and drop install.

  1. Drag & drop the A52Codec.component into /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components
  2. Drag & drop the AC3MovieImport.compontent into /Library/QuickTime
  3. Drag & drop A52Preferences.app to your Applications folder.

Big thanks to the creators of of this codec.

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Sep 06

On Writing Resumes

Came across this article at digg. Read more at Lifeclever.com and the discussion at digg.com : The 7 deadly sins of resumé design. Adding my 2 cents on this.
What you need to be conscious in a resume design are:

1. A resume should not be longer than 2 pages
2. Summary of your work experience MUST be available at the first few paras in your resume
3. Leave out personal details
4. Highlight your strong points or great work using bold letters.
5. Describe your role in the work/project, not what the project was all about.

Last but not the least – be honest in your resume

Generally when a resume reaches a hiring manager, he/she has very little time to scan to complete resume. So, it is very important to be brief and to the point.

A common mistake I have observed in resumes is that they are too long. In most cases a hiring manger would spend only a few seconds on your resume. So getting his/her attention in the first few seconds is very important.

A good resume is only good enough to get you to an interview.

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Sep 06

Apple Remote with VLC Player – Part 3 (iRed Lite)

This is the third post of the series on using the Apple Remote with VLC Media Player. In this post we will cover a amazing new application called iRed Lite. In the first post we covered Remote Buddy and Apple Remote Helper in the second post. iRed Lite is a new Beta software and has the promise to be the best of the three applications we have reviewed here.

iRed Lite

iRed Lite is a extremely stable and capable for Beta software. It comes with built in support for about 10 applications (like iTunes, System, Finder, QT Player, Keynote, Eye TV, MS PowerPoint, iPhoto, Preview ….)

What iRed Lite is capable of is more interesting. iRed Lite includes a expert editor using which anyone can easily create a Apple Remote control profile for any application that runs on Mac OSX. You can easily create a application profile using the applications hot-keys or using Apple Script. It took me to 30 minutes, read iRed Lites documentation and create a usable profile for VLC player.

This Expert Editor makes iRed Lite a very useful and powerful tool. You can customize and adapt it to control any application using the Apple Remote.

Being a Beta Software, it has some rough edges. For instance switching between profiles can be sometime tedious. Its documentation has scope for improvement.

Over all, I would rate iRed Lite ahead of Remote Buddy.

Getting Started with iRed Lite & VLC Player Remote Controls

  1. You can grab your copy of iRed Lite from here.
  2. For VLC Media Player support download this profileiRed Lite VLC Player Profile ). This is required for VLC Player to work with Apple Remote. I have created just basic video navigation controls(fast forward, rewind, pause resume, full-screen), audio controls (volume up, volume down) & base DVD controls. Click on the thumbnail below for mappings used in the Apple Remote for VLC Player. I have created this profile on iRed Lite on Beta version 0.96 (build 21).
    iRed Liet - Apple Remote controls for VLC Player
  3. Install the DMG file for iRed Lite
  4. Launch the iRed Lite app
  5. Launch the iRed Lite Expert Editor (Show Editor) from the OSX Menu Bar.
  6. From the iRed Lite Expert import VLC.irla file contained in iRed Lite VLC Player Profile

iRed Liet Editor

Now time to enjoy a good movie on the VLC player from the comfort of your sofa or your bed.

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Sep 06

Use Apple Remote with VLC Player – Part 2

In the earlier post I covered Remote Buddy for using Apple Remote with non-Apple applications like VLC Media Player. This time we will look at another application called Apple Remote Helper. Unlike Remote Buddy, this is a free download.

Apple Remote Helper

Click to Expand

The Apple Remote Helper does exactly what the tile of ths post says – it can control the VLC Media player using the apple remote. Only VLC Media Player and no other applications.Apple remote Helper can:

  • Play/Pause
  • Increase/Decrease Volumes
  • Skip to next Tracks

However, Apple Remote Helper cannot:

  • Rewind/Fast-Forward

Still its good enough if you only need to watch those VCDs or watch those AC3 DivX movies on a Mac. It is ver simple & easy to use – all you need to do is launch it from spotlight and click on the button called “Listen to Remote” (check the screenshot above). You can now get load your movies on VLC and you are good to go. The application appears to be very stable and I ahve not experience and trouble with it in the hours I have used it.You can download it for free from this location. (Note: The download location is in rapidshare.de, you may get a few pop-ups and some ads, still it should be worth it if you don’t want to pay for Remote Buddy)This application is free, but I do not think this is Open Source. Perhaps releasing the code will get someone to add the fast forward & rewind features.Overall this is a decent free alternative to Remote Buddy.Also check related post on Remote Buddy.

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Sep 06

Somnathpur Temple – Photo Blog

The seven hundred years old Keshava Temple at Somnathpura or Somnathpur, is a fine example of Hoysala stone temples. A very few such places exist. the craftsmanship of the stone workers, sculptors of the Hoysala period cannot be paralleled even today.

[inspic=98,,fullscreen,thumb] [inspic=100,,fullscreen,thumb] [inspic=105,,fullscreen,thumb] [inspic=103,,fullscreen,thumb]
See the full gallery

The temple is walled inside a square courtyard of stone walls. The main temple sits at the center of this courtyard. The main temple has three perfectly aligned domes. Each of the dome houses a stature of the temple deity. The walls of the main temple is sculpted with stories curved in stone.

[inspic=101,,fullscreen,thumb] [inspic=115,,fullscreen,thumb]
See the full gallery

When you step into the main temple, the curving on the stone is all about you – on all the side , on the ceiling ….. Iron grills now guards the three priceless statues inside the three domes of the temple.

The inner side of the courtyard complex also houses many smaller temples. Unfortunately, in most of the smaller temples the statues have been removed. Wherever statues are still present, are now guarded with grill put up by ASI.

A slow walk around the temple courtyard would take us to another age. The age when this was a real temple, not an archaeological relic. It will make you imagine what this place would have been like in hundreds of years back. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) who maintains this site has done a splendid job. The complex in spite of its ages still looks in fine shape, the complex is neat a clean, the lawns outside the complex lush and green.

How to Get There ?

This temple is located to the south west of Bangalore, India. From Bangalore we can reach this place via Mysore Road or via Kanakapura Road. The Mysore Road would be the most recommended route to take, right now Kanakapura Road is in pathetic shape. Photo Gallery of the Somnathpura Temple (photos taken on Aug 20th 2006)

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